My name is Madeline Fedmont. I’m 18 years old photographer, writer and a future filmmaker.

Throughout 2013, I couldn’t find a blog that would bring positivity, hope, and excitement through stories and photographs without sticking to one particular niche. So, a couple months later I’ve decided to start my own blog. My goal for this website is to bring inspiration, positivity, hope, adventure and excitement to the lives of my lovely readers. If my words or photographs can inspire at least one person, I am very happy!

I usually write about travel, self-improvement, life, music, entertainment, and simply everything that makes our journeys exciting! My inspiration to create comes from travel, music, art, sunsets, big cities at night, and books. Traveling is what changes us and expands our minds, and I hope my photos will enrich your perception of our wonderful world.

“Life is a journey, not a destination” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

For enquiries, please email to info@madelinefedmont.com

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