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How To Choose What College To Go To
2015/03/08 at 3:56 am 0
It's this time of the year when the acceptance letters start to come in. And if you got accepted to a couple of schools, you might be wondering how do to choose the one? Well, I was in your situation last year, and I got to into two Universities, both of each I always wanted to attend. When it was the final moment to make a decision, I was so confused! Do I go to NYC or do I go to LA? Which school do I see myself in? You probably ask yourself a bunch of question as well. The key to making a right decision is your intuition! Yes, you read it right. That's what will help you to make this life changing decision. Write down a name of every college on a separate sheet of paper, and then throw them all into a hat or a box. Then, take a couple of deep breaths, and try to not think about anything just breath. With your eyes closed, pull one piece of paper from the hat and read it. Notice how you are feeling at the moment when you saw the name of the University. This is crucial! Do you feel relieved, happy, excited, sad, deep down wish you picked a different one? Focus exclusively on your feelings, and not your thoughts. Go with what feels right inside of you! That's your best guidance system. This is the same way how I picked my college, and I am very happy with the choice I've made. Good luck!
Hilton Bomonti Hotel (Istanbul Turkey)
2015/02/24 at 6:36 pm 0
2 Months Ago, I went to Istanbul to celebrate the New Year's. I've stayed at a Hilton Bomonti Hotel (5 star hotel)  for 6 nights. I would like to start reviewing each hotel I visit, bringing you guys high-quality reviews that will help you to become more familiar with the neighborhood and find the right hotel faster and easier! My room was located on the 31st floor. It was a very clean and comfortable with a king bed. My room had only a shower, but I've seen another room (same cost), and there was a bath a smaller shower. This is a very new hotel, and I personally love staying in a new, modern hotel rooms. Hilton Bomonti Hotel Istanbul Turkey The lobby of the hotel is stunning. On some days (don't know the exact schedule) hotel invites a pianist! On the lobby floor, there is also a restaurant, but I didn't like the food there. The hotels have 2 restaurants in total and 1 bar. The staff at the front desk and concierge were nice and helpful. HIlton Bomonti Istanbul Taxi is usually always available at the hotel entrance. My room rate included a very big and yummy breakfast. Hilton Bomonti Hotel Istanbul The hotel has a spa, gym, pool, steam rooms, etc. I absolutely loved the gym! It was spacious and well equipped. I've spent 3 whole days not leaving the hotel, exploring everything it has to offer. Eating, Swimming and Exercising all day long. Hilton Bomonti Hotel Istanbul Turkey Photo 5 Room: King Guest Room (up to 3 people). The king bed was a European King, not as big as an American King bed. 5/5 stars Breakfast: Great variety of foods at the buffet Room rate: Around $190 Location: You need a taxi to go to the historical part or Taksim. Nothing interesting is within a close walking distance. 3/5 Service: Staff were nice and welcoming. 5/5 Amenities: gym, spa, pool, sauna, steam room. Everything is free except for the spa. Free wi-fi is everywhere! Overall: New, clean and comfortable hotel located in the new part of Istanbul. Wonderful for family vacations or business trips. However, you will probably need to get a taxi or a bus to go places. For the price for will pay, it's a very good hotel. Rating: 4.5/5 stars   Address: Silahsor Cad. 42 Bomonti-Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey. http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/turkey/hilton-istanbul-bomonti-hotel-and-conference-center-ISTBHHI/index.html   Contact me: info@madelinefedmont.com Follow me on BLOGLOVIN’TWITTERFACEBOOKTUMBLRGOOGLE + Steller  Thank you for reading :)    
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The Imitation Game + I’m back
2015/02/17 at 3:18 am 0
Hi Everyone, Long time no posts. I am very sorry, but I am finally back to blogging. I have completely redesigned my website, making it comfortable for reading and viewing photos. Today, I would like to talk to you about a movie: The Imitation Game. I've just seen it today, and I must admit I was blown away by it. I haven't watched such a good movie in a very long time. The directing, acting, the script is absolutely phenomenal. It reminded me of how much I love filmmaking and how it can influence millions of people everywhere. Are there any films that moved or inspired you? Let me know in the comments. I will be posting very frequently from now on, very excited to get back to blogging. More photos of my travels are coming this week.   Follow me on BLOGLOVIN’TWITTERFACEBOOKTUMBLRGOOGLE + 
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Shanghai’s Garden Of Contentment
2015/01/10 at 6:53 pm 4
Last month I went to Shanghai, China. Out of everything that I've visited my favorite place was the Yu Garden. It's peaceful, interesting and beautiful garden in the center of the biggest city in China. Throughout my exploration of the garden, I couldn't stop taking photos of nature and the buildings. If you will be in Shanghai, definitely go to the Garden of Contentment (Yu Garden). The garden is located in the area where they are many shops, there you can buy anything: tea, jewelry, chopsticks, bags, and herbs. I hope you will enjoy these photos. Most of you have probably noticed that I changed the design of my website, please let me know in the comment if you like it or not. From now on I will be posting once a week! For more photos, follow me on StellerBLOGLOVIN’TWITTERFACEBOOKTUMBLRGOOGLE + Yu Garden in Shanghai Photo 21 Photo 22 Yu Garden in Shanghai Yu Garden Yu Garden in Shanghai Yu Garden in Shanghai Yu Garden in Shanghai Yu Garden in Shanghai Yu Garden in Shanghai Yu Garden in Shanghai Yu Garden in Shanghai Yu Garden in Shanghai Yu Garden in Shanghai Yu Garden in Shanghai Photo15 Yu Garden in Shanghai Yu Garden in Shanghai Yu Garden in Shanghai Yu Garden in Shanghai Yu Garden in Shanghai
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