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How to choose what to study in University/College (5 Steps)

2014/09/19 2

It’s this time of the year again when senior high school students and others apply to colleges. Making a decision about what to study in college or university can be very stressful and tough. I went through this process last year, and I would like to share with you five steps that I took when I was making my decision. I hope you will find an answer to your question by following these steps.

Step 1: Ask yourself what you see yourself doing in the future?

It’s ok if you don’t have a specific answer to this question right now, think about a field where you see yourself in. For example, you might see yourself in the field of science or business. Write down your answer. If you can’t make a decision on just one area of study, then write down as many as you have in mind. Please, be honest with yourself, and at this moment don’t think about what your family or relatives want to see you doing in the future. It’s you, who are making the final decision, so think about what YOU want to do.

I’ve met many unhappy students who are studying in college something that they didn’t want to study, and they picked that major only because their parents told them so. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take your family’s opinions into consideration; you should because they want the best for you. However, it’s your life, and you need to be satisfied with the decision you are making because it’s going to affect your future.

If nothing comes to your mind, then just jot down a list of jobs and imagine yourself actually doing this job and see if this technique will help you find the answer. If you are feeling happy and excited imagining yourself doing a particular job, then that’s a great sign.

Step 2: Pick what feels right to you.

Follow your gut feeling. Sit down in a quite room, close your eyes and look inside yourself. For example, if you thought about applying to a Law school and you understand that it’s a very respectable degree to have but something inside of you just doesn’t feel right. Maybe, if you look deep enough you will find that you always loved dancing and that’s your passion. Follow your heart and study something that interests you!

Step 3: Don’t go to college just to get a diploma.

I’ve seen this happen so many times. If you are going into college with an attitude that it is probably a waste of your time and money, then why you applied to college in the first place. College/University is not for everyone, and I believe that you don’t need a degree to succeed in life. So many people who are so successful either never went to college or dropped out, and that’s normal if you want to do the same. If you’re out of high school and don’t know what you want to do in life, then why not take a gap year? Think about it. College is a place where you go to gain knowledge and make friends. At least, that’s what comes to my mind when I think about academic institution. Believe me, four years is a long time, so please don’t waste it on something you know that you don’t love and will never use after you graduate.

Step 4 : Don’t be afraid and stop caring what others think of you.

Relax, and don’t be scared. If you are panicking about applying to college, just sit down, focus on the present moment, clear your head and then make a decision. What I learned in life is to never make a big decision out of fear and panic. Have hope and think positively. Everything will be fine. You have to start believing in yourself and stop thinking what others think of you. What’s important is what you think of yourself!

Step 5: It’s ok to change your college major.

Please, don’t take this decision too seriously. Most of the colleges allow the change of majors. My best friend has changed her major 2 times and now she is very happy with what she’s studying. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself for making this decision. We grow from our mistakes, so it’s ok if you made a mistake when you picked your major. Remember that college/university is just a part of your life and not your whole life, so don’t take it toooooo seriously.

“The only thing we have to fear is a fear itself” by Franklin D. Roosevelt

Thanks for reading. From now on I will be posting every other day. 


  • That Spark of Light

    Girl 9 years ago in college I was here at one point. But thank God, thank God…I always knew what I wanted to do. Love this list and very helpful. Following!!!


    • http://madelinefedmont.com Madeline Fedmont

      Thank you Chiara! Have a good day :)

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