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Historical Treasure: Nanjing Fuzimiao

2014/12/22 0

Hello my lovely readers,

I am so sorry for the lack of post lately. I was just very busy traveling throughout China. However, now I am back and would like to share with you photos that I took while being in Nanjing.

I absolutely love Asian traditional architecture, and that has caused me to never pass a traditional building without taking a photo. Nanjing has a long history of once being a Capital of China, but now it’s mainly known for the tragic Nanjing Massacre that started in 1937 and lasted for a year. Among the travelers, Nanjing is not usually the place that comes to mind while picking which cities to visit in China, and I want to encourage more people to explore less popular places.

Nanjing is a clean and warm city. In December, the weather was around 8 degrees Celsius. The main sight I recommend you to visit if you are coming to Nanjing is the Nanjing Fuzimiao. It’s a Temple of Confucius, who was a Chinese philosopher. I think the Temple is even more beautiful at night! This is my gallery of photos from Nanjing Fuzimiao. Let me know in the comments if you love night photography. Nanjing Fuzimiao Entrance to Nanjing Fuzimiao Historical Nanjing at Night  Chinese Temple at Night Historic City at Night Shopping Street at Night Street in Nanjing Inside of Confucius Temple Nanjing Fuzimiao

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