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Simple ways to cheer yourself up

2014/08/04 3

Even positive people have their down days. There are times when everything seems to be going alright, but you don’t feel your normal level of joy. Something might be sitting in the back of your mind: fear, worries, responsibility, and etc. Therefore, you need to develop a habit of finding simple ways that will cheer you up. Stay Optimistic

I used to be a very negative person, but this year I have transformed my mindset. However, It’s important to understand that positive thinking takes a lot of hard work and upkeep to not fall back into the trap of your old negative thinking habits. If today is one of those “days” doesn’t worry, you can always cheer yourself up even a tiny bit. Remember, switching to thinking positively doesn’t happen overnight (for most people), everything in life takes practice.

Here are my recommendations how to cheer yourself up

1. Watch a funny movie. My favorites are The Hangover, Bridesmaids and Mr. Bean on holiday. This one is my personal favorite!

2. Read a self-help book. This method is very effective because it will make you reevaluate your current thinking. If you feel stressful, I recommend you to read “Inner Game of Stress by Timothy Gallwey.”

3. Treat yourself with a delicious meal. Delicious meal doesn’t mean unhealthy options. You can make banana ice cream with almond milk and dates. Yum!

4. Write a gratitude list. I know how lazy you might feel when you are not in the best mood but once you push through, and jot something down you will start to feel better.

5. Paint. I highly recommend you to get out some paint and start painting whatever comes to mind; it makes me feel so calm and relaxed.

6. Go outside. Spend time with nature. The feeling of connecting with nature is indescribable. Go for a walk!

7. Meditate. So many people are making it too complicated. Sit in a quiet room, close your eyes, and pay attention to your breathing. Keep everything simple!

Have a great day!


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