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2014/11/27 0

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Hi Everybody!

In the midst of this cold weather, I decided to begin planning my next spring vacation to escape this cold. I thought for a while where I could go to enjoy some sun and see unique sights. A couple of years ago I’ve visited Spain, and I want to share with you what I thought about my trip and what to expect when you’re coming to Spain. I was in Barcelona during the summer, and I loved everything from the grand architecture, exquisite food, warm weather, fountain show and pretty beaches. However, I don’t want to go to Barcelona again next year due to it’s fast pace lifestyle, so I picked a much calmer place on the island. I did my research and decided to visit Lanzarote next spring. Lanzarote is a one of breathtaking Spanish Canary Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a perfect vacation destination for those travelers like me that don’t just love spending time on the beach. There, you can do activities that you probably would never do in any other place in Spain. For example, ride a camel, enjoy a mercerizing sunset on the beach, visit Playa de Papagayo, see a real volcano with your own eyes, discover the rock formations of Los Hervideros and explore the unique nature.

Traveling through Spain is always so interesting and exciting because of beautiful beaches, friendly people, amazing instrumental music, historic treasures and great artistic heritage. As you all know I am a big fruit lover, therefore Spain was a fruit heaven for me. Everywhere you go you can find fresh, yummy fruits and juices which are usually sold in the local street markets. Everybody who comes to Spain have to try their local cuisine. The quality and variety of food is absolutely amazing compared to some other countries. Restaurants usually serve big portions for a very affordable price. My favorite Spanish dishes were Paella, Gazpacho, Garlic Shrimps and Almond Cake. The interesting point about Spanish Cuisine is that it varies based on what region you are in!

If you will get a chance to buy tickets to see a flamenco show, definitely do it! It’s a traditional, passionate Spanish dance that will pleasantly surprise you. Believe me, you will not get bored in Spain regardless of what you like. From a party city Ibiza to calm Canary Islands; Spain offers so much and more!

I can’t wait to visit beautiful Lanzarote, and if you would like to travel there too, you can book a hotel and a plane ticket for a very good price here. If you are looking for a warm, fun and relaxing vacation in the winter or spring then Lanzarote is your spot. I absolutely agree with thousands of tourists that claim that Spain is a great destination if you are interested in a relaxing vacation or a fun weekend.



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