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2014/09/29 16

Today, I would like to take you to Geneva. A gorgeous city located in the french part of Switzerland. One word that comes to my mind when I think about Geneva is Cozy. The city is very memorable for its gigantic fountain, lake Geneva, chocolate, motor show and expensive shops. It is the second biggest city in Switzerland, but it felt quite small to me. geneva The first thing you need to know before coming to Switzerland is how expensive everything is. Therefore, if you plan to visit this beautiful country bear this major point in mind. But, don’t let the prices scare you away from coming to Switzerland, it’s worth it.geneva 13Geneva deserves a full day of a walking tour. So, wear comfortable shoes! Don’t forget to take a stop at a chocolate shop to try out the famous Swiss chocolate.  geneva 10 Geneva 11 geneva 12Transportation in Geneva is the best I’ve ever used. I loved taking tram rides everywhere I went. Every bus, train, and tram that I went on was very clean and reliableGeneva 1 Geneva 3 Geneva 4The peace and slow pace of this city were very inspiring to me. I found Switzerland to be a very laid-back country, which I think is great. Switzerland should be on top of your list if you’re looking for a calm place where you can reflect back on your life, get a higher education or write a novel. Geneva 6 geneva 7In my opinion, the best time to come to Geneva is in the summer or during a motor show. Every march, Geneva hosts a very popular motor show. If you want to see the show, you will need to buy a ticket earlier than the actual show through their website. I bought my ticket a month in advance. If you will get a chance to see the show, definitely take it. It was really awesome. What remained in my memory is how crowded it was and good-looking future cars that I’ve seen.Geneva18See the Lake Geneva, wander around the town, visit Musee des Arts, stop by a local park and enjoy the clean Swiss air. If you are coming to Switzerland in the winter, then skiing is a must. If you will want to go on a nice dinner, don’t worry, there are many options to choose from. I dined at the Cafe du Centre and really liked the atmosphere and food.geneva 8 Geneva 9 geneva 14 geneva 15geneva19My favorite part of visiting Geneva was walking along the lake during the sunset. For me, dusk is the prettiest time of the day and Geneva looks charming at such time. It is a very comfortable city. After five days that I spent there, I felt very familiar with the city and actually didn’t want to leave. I made many wonderful memories in Switzerland, and I hope you will get a chance to come and make many memories there too!Geneva20 Geneva 20 geneva22 Geneva21 geneva25 Geneva24Follow me on BLOGLOVIN’TWITTERFACEBOOKTUMBLRGOOGLE +

  • Sarah

    Love the Geneva! I haven’t been in 4 years, but I remember it being so picturesque (especially by the water)!


    • http://madelinefedmont.com Madeline Fedmont

      Yay, I am very glad that you liked it as well. Thank you Sarah for reading :)

  • Fashionpumpkin

    Love that city…been there few times…

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    • http://madelinefedmont.com Madeline Fedmont

      Thank you for reading :)

  • http://melange-boutique.blogspot.com.es/ Melange-Boutique by Noe&Lolita

    So pretty city, I’ve been near but never there…fantastic pics

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

    • http://madelinefedmont.com Madeline Fedmont

      Thank you for Noe and Lolita for such a sweet comment :)

  • http://www.thelovecatsinc.com helen at thelovecatsinc

    oh it looks so lovely!

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  • Ting

    So lovely, thanks for sharing! x

    Orange on orange

  • http://arowantree.blogspot.com/ Polly

    Looks so beautiful! Some of the buildings look almost Parisian

  • http://the-haute-strawberry.blogspot.gr/ Marianna Papagiannopoulou

    Awesome photography, dear!!!!!!
    Your blog is amazing!!!

    I hope you visit my blog sometime!!!


  • Alecia Mariana

    These pictures are a perfect representation! I’ve been once and now want to go back!


    La Joie de
    Vivre by Alecia Mariana

    // Bloglovin

  • Nee

    love your photos! i think geneva has a lot of similarity to zurich 😀

    i’ve been to geneva about 3 years ago and i loved it! such a pretty city:) the lake side is just breathtaking!

    lots of love xx

    Nee from ROSECANDLE11

  • Diolifestyle
  • http://www.izaelgarrido.com/ Izael G

    I really love the way you write and take your pictures!! So beautiful
    I’m new here and I’m loving it all <3 Looking foward to read your next post


  • http://www.floortjeloves.com Floortje van Cooten

    Great post! I really want to visit Geneva




  • http://www.strawberryxshortcakex.tumblr.com Holly Brooke

    My friend lives here I am desperate to visit!! Looks beautiful

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